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Wildflower apps are now available for most states, most Canadian provinces and Northern Mexico. These Apps use the WildflowerSearch database. The Apps are self contained and do not use the internet. These apps are large and require WiFi for installation. Sometimes there are similar apps that you must pay for. They may be easier to find. But the Wildflower Search apps may be more to your liking.

Here are the Links to the store.

Location Android iPhone/iPad

----- U S A -----
Alabama AL AL
Alaska Interior AK3 AK3
Alaska North AK4 AK4
Alaska SouthCentral AK1 AK1
Alaska SouthEast AK2 AK2
Alaska SouthWest AK5 AK5
Arizona AZ AZ
Arkansas AR AR
California (Central) CAC CAC
California (Death Valley) DV DV
California (North) CAN CAN
California (San Francisco Bay Area) SF SF
California (South) CAS CAS
Colorado CO CO
Connecticut (New England) VT2 VT2
Death Valley DV DV
Delaware DE DE
Florida FL FL
Georgia GA GA
Glacier National Park/Waterton GL GL
Great Smoky Mountains NP GS GS
Hawaii HI
Idaho ID ID
Illinois IL IL
Indiana IN IN
Iowa IA IA
Kansas KS KS
Kentucky KY KY
Louisiana LA LA
Maine (New England) VT2 VT2
Maryland MD MD
Massachusetts (New England) VT2 VT2
Michigan MI MI
Minnesota MN MN
Mississippi MS MS
Missouri MO MO
Montana MT MT
Mount Rainier National Park MR MR
Nebraska NE NE
Nevada NV NV
New England VT2 VT2
New Hampshire (New England) VT2 VT2
New Jersey NJ NJ
New Mexico NM NM
New York NY NY
North Carolina NC NC
North Dakota ND ND
Ohio OH OH
Oklahoma OK OK
Olympic National Park OL OL
Oregon OR OR
Pennsylvania PA PA
Rhode Island (New England) VT2 VT2
San Francisco Bay Area SF SF
South Carolina SC SC
South Dakota SD SD
Tennessee TN TN
Texas (East) ETexas ETexas
Texas (West) WTexas WTexas
Utah UT UT
Vermont (New England) VT2 VT2
Virginia VA VA
Washington WA WA
West Virginia WV WV
Wisconsin WI WI
Wyoming WY WY
Yellowstone/Grand Teton YE YE

----- Canada -----
Alberta AB AB
British Columbia BC BC
Manitoba MB MB
New Brunswick NB NB
Northwest Territories NT NT
Nunavut NU NU
Ontario ONL ONL
Quebec QC QC
Saskatchewan SK SK
Waterton National Park/Glacier GL GL
Yukon YT YT

----- Mexico -----
Mexico (Northern) MX MX

-- South America --
Chile/Argentina PAT

Didn't find what you want? Send me a note.

I update the apps about once a year. The process of updating them takes from one to two months. The apps were last updated in January and February of 2023. Many scientific names were updated. More plant photos and plant descriptions were added. Links to external websites now start the standard browser. The Illinois Wildflower plant descriptions gained photos. Some bugs were fixed.

Alaska and Northern Canada apps were added in August of 2023.

Chile/Argentina added in March of 2024 and is under development.